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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why PayPal is Good Thing for Internet Commerce

We recently ordered some chairs for our offices. One chair in particular was ordered from eBay and paid for from our paypal account. I am a big fan of paypal was it lets new web businesses accept credit cards and test the waters, so to speak. They charge a very fair rate and you only pay when you make a sale. A better deal is hard to find on the web.

The chair ordered on EBay has yet to arrive and it has been over two months. I am quite certain it will never arrive and the person we ordered from has yet to provide a valid tracking number or insurance information for our chair.

PayPal to the rescue

I filed a claim with PayPal and they have acted as the intermediary and should be issuing me a refund on the money used to pay for the chair. Just another solid reason that PayPal is a sound choice for internet commerce.

While we have listed other options on our site as PayPal alternatives, we do have complete faith in PayPal. I'll update more once this has been resolved completely.


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