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Saturday, November 19, 2005

SEO Tip - Checking Backlinks to Your Site and Your Competitors

Checking Backlinks in Google (how to find out "Who links to my website?")

How do I check who links to my website? How do I check who is linking to my competitor's website? You can do both exactly the same way: Simply type this into the Google search box: link:

This works the same way in both Yahoo and MSN.

Want to save time?

Try this to save some time. In Google's search results they combine and cluster backlinks from the same site. You can quickly scan most of a websites backlinks by increasing the number of search results appearing on the search engine results page by following this simple tip:

A typical google search string looks something like this:

Inserting &num=100 at the end of the search string will increase the results showing on the page to 100. Your search string will look like:

Now you can look quickly through your own backlinks and your competitor's backlinks as well one hundred at a time, rather than the standard ten. Remember, knowledge is power and SEO is all about knowledge, especially knowing who is linking to your competition and why.

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