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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Truth Behind Click Fraud

Great article to purchase from one of my favorite sites, Marketing Sherpas.

The Maddening Truth Behind Click Fraud Numbers -- How Big is Fraud Really?

SUMMARY: MarketingSherpa's research department hates click fraud even more than most people. Why? Because the numbers are shrouded in clouds of mystery and hype.

Now that Google's agreed to a $90 million settlement, what does that mean about the size of the fraud universe? Find out in this update from our Research Director Stefan Tornquist:

By MarketingSherpa Research Director Stefan Tornquist

For the last 18 months, click fraud has been in the spotlight, but not under the microscope. For all the hype, we’ve seen little in the way of hard numbers. And as you'll see below, MarketingSherpa's own surveys showed marketers themselves weren't terribly concerned about fraud. "It may happen to some people, but not to us," sums up most marketers’ attitudes.

Then last week Google announced they were paying advertisers $90 million to compensate for click fraud … and hype promptly hit a high water mark.

However, we wondered, what's the real data on fraud? ... click here to buy the ariticle.


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