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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

How to stop Blogger Comment Spam

We all hate it spam, we all hate Blog Comment Spam. So how do we stop it. Well, unless you want to turn off the ability to post comments, you can't.

But you can curb it and stop all but the most determined spammers. And most spammers go for the easy fix, so if they can't post quickly, easily and with automated tools you will probably have very little problem with Blog spam after doing these tweaks that Blogger allows you.

Login to your blogger account and then choose the Settings tab. Then choose the Comments section of the site. From there I recommend the following choices.

Backlinks set to Hidden
Comments set to Show
Who Can Comment should be set to whatever you feel comfortable with to start.
Show word verification for comments? set to Yes
Enable comment moderation? set to Yes

AS you can see, you can now choose to moderate your comments via either email or from

After enabling comment moderation in the Settings - Comments section of Blogger, users can choose whether they want to moderate by email or not. Comments go under a Moderate Comments tab. Multiple comments can be published or rejected by clicking checkboxes next to comments before making the choice to publish them or delete them.

It is good to see new tools to help prevent spam, without cutting your blog from outside communication. Who knows? This Blog thing might catch on after all.