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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Writing a Press Release for Search Engine Optimization

Writing A Search-Engine-Friendly Press Release

Press releases can contribute to an increase in search engine positioning for your site. Treat your releases like you would a well-written SEO-friendly web page. Make sure you keep these things in mind:

  1. Have a specific focus.

  2. Write copy that targets this one topic.

  3. Use keywords and key phrases liberally.

  4. Make sure you keywords are in your title.

Press releases, by nature, incorporate each of the elements used with good search engine copywriting. That makes them the perfect addition to your site.

Adding your press releases to your site is very beneficial and turning them into optimized pages that draw in additional, qualified traffic only makes good sense. When you write your next press release, try following these two steps:

  1. Choose keywords that can be easily included in your release.

  2. Incorporate keywords into your headline where possible.

With this in mind you are not only promoting your site to your readers but the search engines as well.


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