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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Children's Online Toy Store Announces Expansion of Educational Toy Offerings

Additional unusual and unique toys added in response to the beginning of the school year.

RICHMOND, VA, September 8, 2005 –- is proud to announce the expansion of their online store toy store specializing in unique and unusual toys. The number of toys and games on the Website has quadrupled since the site launched in October 2004–growing to over 570 products. Most recently over 75 new items were added in response to the start of the school year.

"Our newest products reflect the changes in toy buying that occur in August and September," remarks Dave Luebke, owner of "When kids return to school, parents tend to purchase educational toys to stimulate learning. We also see a shift toward sports-related games since kids are playing on their schools’ teams and practicing at home and on the weekends. As it gets cooler outside, versatile toys that allow kids to be physically active inside and outside become popular so we made sure to include indoor and outdoor toys in our new items."

As fall approaches, parents look toward buying toys with an educational component to help their children adapt to being back in school. One of the educational toys that follows this trend and has increased in sales over the last month is Owl Puke. As unappealing as that sounds, Owl Puke is used as a teaching tool because owls swallow their small prey whole and then regurgitate the indigestible parts. Each owl "pellet" contains the fur and bones of the owl’s prey–typically a mouse, shrew or small bird–allowing children to examine and reconstruct the skeleton. As many parents know, kids get interested when they are able to explore and get hands-on experience. Owl Puke helps children learn about owls, the food chain and animal anatomy.

Another way to interest children in the natural sciences is through toys that let them learn more about insects. Educational toys, such as Ladybug Land, Butterfly Garden and Triassic Triops, give kids insight into the lifecycle and habits of bugs and other creatures. Each Ladybug Land kit comes with a coupon for ladybug larvae, a habitat for them to live in and a guidebook about lady bugs. Butterfly Garden gives kids the chance to watch the transition as a caterpillar matures, changes into a chrysalis and then emerges as a butterfly. Parents are fond of this kit because the butterflies can be released into the outdoors once they appear. Another kit that provides kids with the opportunity to “grow” their own pets is the Triassic Triops kit. These prehistoric creatures are in suspended animation until you add water and then they spring to life and start growing. How quickly they grow depends on how much light and food they receive.

As the seasons change, parents and grandparents look to buying athletic toys and games that can be played both indoors and outdoors. A new item for the fall that appeals to this is the new toy, Kick It Stick It. This air puck hovers on a cushion of air above smooth surfaces allowing kids to hit it around in the driveway or on the hardwood floors in the den. The puck has an outer rim that protects furniture and walls making Kick It Stick It safe for indoor play. "We’ve had a lot of parents tell us that when it is raining their kids will take the Kick It Stick It down to the basement and hit it around. It’s given the kids something active to do instead of watching TV," Luebke comments.

Since the online toy store’s inception, the staff has continuously been on the hunt for new items to bring to their customers. "We have picked up new manufacturers in order to find and stock more unusual toys for But we are also selective. We play test each item we sell to make sure they are fun and that they work in the way they are supposed to," explains Luebke. The team is currently gearing up for the holiday season. They are observing the trends and play testing demo models so that they can add the hottest toys and games to the site in the coming months.

About is dedicated to providing unusual and unique toys and games not found in mainstream stores. They strive to stock only the finest toys that pique children’s interests and excite their imaginations. Founder, Dave Luebke, is also the owner of Dave's Comics Inc., a brick-and-mortar comic and toy store located in Richmond, Virginia, which has been going strong for over 23 years.

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