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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Keyword Density - How Much Is Too Much?

Keyword Density or Frequency

A lot of experts think around 3 to 10 times per 100 words on
your page is enough. I prefer around 1 to 2 keywords or phrases with
a 8 to 12 percentage of the total page.

A good rule of thumb when creating your optimized page is to read the content out
loud. Have someone else listen if it helps. If it "sounds" like you have forced too many instances of the
keyword phrase or you are obsessed with whatever you pages about, chances are good that you need to remove a few or better yet, use other ways to say the same thing.

There are basically two main aspects of keyword optimization. First,
you want to select optimal keywords to target in your web pages.
Second, you want to include these keywords in an optimal manner to
show the search engines that your pages are relevant to the keywords.

Almost all major search engines gives weight to words located toward
the top of your page. So it is a good idea to place your keyword
phrase at the top of your page in a useful way and keep marketing in
mind as you structure this opening paragraph.

Keep in mind that people will be reading your page. Real people, not just spiders, so make the content viable and market to your customers.


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