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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Solutions

While being a SEO company sometimes puts us at odds with the pay-per-click machine we must admit they are helpful in starting a business on the web. Instant search engine visibility and control of your investment are two good reasons to try it out, until SEO efforts begin to show results.

Major Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Google AdWords

Perhaps the largest and best known of all the PPC opportunities is
the Google AdWords program. With this program you will see a
significant increase in traffic. the downfall is that due to it's
popularity the cost-per-click can be very high for competitive

Overture - $25 Bonus

If there is a rival in PPC popularity then it's with Overture. Again,
you will witness a good increase in traffic however like with
Google's AdWords program, the cost-per-click can be very high.

Secondary Pay-Per-Click Search Engines


This one isn't really a PPC but rather an annual subscription. You
choose your keywords and pay a flat rate ($12/yr) and you'll be
listed in the Sponsored Listings on Exactseek and 40+ other
directories. Beanstalk first purchased a listing when it was only
ExactSeek and found it well worth the money, with the added power of
the other engines and directories they've added it's a great deal.

Enhance (Formerly Ah-Ha) - $25 Bonus

Significant increases in revenue can be realized with this PPC
engine. In the first week of testing this engine we saw significant
increases in both traffic and revenue from the test site. They are
currently giving away a $25 bonus for those who open accounts with an
initial deposit of $50.


While this engine doesn't seem to provide a ton of traffic it
certainly seems to deliver in ROI. In our trials on this PPC engine
we did not see a large jump in visitors to our site however they have
a low CPC (cost-per-click) starting at just $0.01/click and because
of their secondary classification they do not have the popularity
that leads to high bid amounts. For ROI this is one of our favorites.


Depending on your industry this PPC engine can produce the highest
number of clicks of all the secondary engines. Great traffic and
relatively low bids make this a great engine choice.


Of all the secondary PPC engines that I we have tested and used
ePilot seems to provide the most consistent high traffic. After
Kanoodle it would definitely be the most highly recommended of the
secondary PPC engines.

While there are certainly more pay-per-click search engines and options these are some of the major players out there now. More nich pay-per-click search engines exist and can be used to your benefit. The key is to track your results and make sure you are putting your money in the right one.


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